Last updated on June 7th, 2024

The Discord logo is among the most famous icons, especially in the gaming industry. The crab-shaped logo has become synonymous with simplicity, memorability, and functionality. People also refer to the crab-like icon as Discord Robot. The platform created by Jason Citron and Stanislav Vishnevskiy has gone beyond the gaming community. People from all walks of life and with different interests use Discord to connect, share, and communicate.

What is Discord?

Discord is a social channel/platform for people to hang out, connect, and communicate with their friends and communities using various tools. Being a Discord user, you can access a community based on your interests. You can also create private servers and communicate with friends using voice, text, and video applications.

Two young men — Jason Citron and Stanislav Vishnevskiy — started the platform in 2015. The two were video game developers wanted to create a dedicated platform for gamers all around. Soon after its launch, Discord became popular among LAN tournament gamers, esports lovers, and Twitch streamers. From displaying their Discord pfps to creating their own communities and using certain tools, gamers have many tools and features for better streaming and data sharing.

What is the Discord logo?

When you look at the Discord page or download the app, you’ll find a tiny mark representing it, known as Discord logo. It appears like a stylized gaming controller. The controller has grips to hold it comfortably, but the overall appearance is that of a happy face.

Discord has never clarified its logo, so people can interpret its meaning when they think of what is the Discord logo. However, the gaming community thinks the controller design tells about the company’s gaming roots. The logo looks like a smiley face only to represent the fun, entertaining, and playful nature of online gaming.

In 2015, the Discord logo was designed to target professional e-sports players and hobbyist gamers. Today, the Discord icon is a symbol for the gaming community. The logo now has an iconic character called “Clyde.” On its right is the wordmark “DISCORD” in stylized fonts.

History and evolution of the Discord logo

2015-2021 – The speech bubble logo

The first Discord logo was created in 2015 when the social platform was launched. It was in the shape of a simple blue and white speech bubble, and the image of Clyde was framed within the bubble.

The company name appeared on the right of the speech bubble image. The wordmark had the company name in bold letters in the same dark blue color palette. The letter D of the company name in the custom Discord logo was shaped to resemble Clyde.

2015-2021 - The speech bubble logo 2015-2021 - The speech bubble logo

This straightforward design clearly represented the social media platform’s values. The gaming community could instantly know that the platform belonged to them by looking at the logo.

However, not everyone was happy with the logo design. Some thought Clyde’s shape looked like a cartoon crab, and others could not understand the Clyde shape’s meaning or what it represented. Still, the logo remained Discord’s identity for the next six years.

2021-Present – Modernized minimalist logo

Discord redesigned its six-year-old logo in 2021 to give it a more minimalist look. This time, the company addressed the shortcomings in the logo design.  It changed Clyde’s look and new letters refreshed the wordmark.

The company removed the speech bubble shape to make the new Discord logo more minimalistic. The company might have felt that the bubble element was no longer required, as people were already familiar with what Discord represented.

2021-Present - Modernized minimalist logo 2021-Present - Modernized minimalist logo

Now, the character Clyde was alone and on its own. That gave the character its personality, as it could stand smiling and excited as a gaming symbol for the community. People could now see Clyde as a unique smiley image in the blue and white color palette, which also helped convey the message to the gaming community.

The new Discord logo spells the company name in small capital letters to make the platform look friendlier to the community. The old logo had bold letters, while this time, the modified design had the letters in a new font and style. The redesigned logo had the first letter D in uppercase, while the other letters appeared in lowercase.

The Discord logo’s redesigned look aligns with the minimalist design trend. The Clyde symbol was also modified, and now it resembles modern gaming controllers.

Design elements of the Discord logo

Today, the Discord logo is an iconic symbol and design that the gaming community instantly recognizes and understands. The strategic use of font and color makes it stand out. Let’s explore its elements one-by-one.

Discord logo color palette

Blue has been the dominant color of the Discord logo. However, while the old logo was simple blue and white to provide a pleasing contrast, the new logo had a slightly changed color scheme.

Discord logo color palette Discord logo color palette

If you are wondering what color the Discord logo isthen know that the redesigned Discord logo has a custom blue-purple shade scheme known as Blurple. This color presents a sharp contrast to the white background. The new color scheme gives the logo a strong visual appeal and impacts viewers.

When creating your Discord server logo on this platform, make sure your colors evoke the emotion you want to evoke from the gaming community niche. Consider its logo color palette to resonate with the same theme.

Discord logo font

The old Discord logo used a custom typeface based on Uni Sans Heavy and Compose Black, with the letters in uppercase. The letter D was made to look like the Hebrew character ‘Peh.’

The new Discord logo is in the Ginto typeface, a geometric-humanist typeface. It combines modernist purity with the animated energy of the bygone era of the ‘50s. The letters of the new logo are more readable, making them more visible and recognizable.

So, the Discord logo has its evolutionary history, though brief. You can learn much from how the logo evolved regarding its icons, color, and typeface use.

If you also want to join Discord as a gamer, your logo should look unique. You can use a Discord logo makeran AI-based tool, to instantly come up with new design ideas. However, ensure that you select the right colors and fonts to make your channel appear unique compared to others.

Using an AI logo generator gives you design flexibility since it doesn’t need you to be a pro. You can just input your requirements and based on those inputs the tool will create a Discord channel logo for you.

Wrapping Up

The Discord logo evolved in two phases. First, as a speech bubble-shaped logo, it stood out at that time and conveyed its brand message effectively. However, after six years, the company wanted to abide by the minimalist trend. So, after removing the speech bubble, the logo became a simple logo with the brand name depicted in a lowercase font.