Diablo 4 endgame is where the real game starts, and you’ll be wanting to hunt down the best gear in the game, Uniques and Uber Uniques. While these drop from any activity in the game, the drop chance is a lot higher if you target farm endgame bosses on the Boss Ladder, who each have their own individual loot table. Why is it called the Boss Ladder you ask? Because each Boss is summoned using crafting materials, often obtained from the Boss you fought beforehand. The Bosses increase in difficulty, the pinnacle being Andariel and Duriel who drop Uber Uniques. Most players end game will be farming materials to fight Andariel and Duriel.

From Season 4, Patch 1.4.0 introduces Tormented versions of each boss, which as you can assume, are much more difficult but drop better rewards.

Echo of Varshan

Echo of Varshan (Image credit: Jennifer Young – Windows Central)

Varshan was added as a boss fight in Diablo 4 Season 1, Season of the Malignant, and their Echo remains for us to fight as the first Boss on the Ladder. Varshan is also the most efficient boss to farm for the popular Malignant rings.

Varshan will mainly inflict Shadow damage, so stack your build against this with Ameythst Gems and potions.

Where to find Echo of Varshan

Head to the Malignant Burrow under the Tree of Whispers to summon Varshan. (Image credit: Jennifer Young – Windows Central)

How to summon Echo of Varshan