What you need to know

  • Microsoft is testing new features for Windows Recall, though the most recently discovered additions are hidden in the latest Insider build.
  • A Screenray feature will let you analyze what is currently on your screen without having to open the full Recall experience.
  • Microsoft is also working on a new home page that will launch by default when you open Recall.
  • Previously, launching Recall would created a new snapshot.

Windows Recall was set to ship with Copilot+ PCs this week, but that is no longer the case. Following public backlash and a “PR disaster,” Microsoft delayed the launch of the new feature and decided to test Recall through the Windows Insider Program. The tech giant has a lot of work to do regarding privacy and security when it comes to Recall, but those are not the only areas Microsoft plans to improve the tool.

The latest Windows 11 Insider build in the Canary Channel includes hidden changes to Recall that are in testing. The additions were spotted by well-known Windows sleuth Albacore, who then reported on the changes for Tom’s Hardware.