The automotive and car industry is highly competitive. Only a relevant automotive logo can build your  recognition. Whether you’re a car manufacturer, repair shop, or car cleaning service provider, a  meaningful logo is what sets you apart from your competitors.

If you’re a new entrant in this industry, this blog discusses tips to design a stunning logo. But before we  go further, let’s understand what sorts of logo styles are common in the automotive industry.

Top logo styles in the automotive industry

Logos come in a variety of styles. However, not all the styles suit one particular logo and its brand.  Therefore, consider a logotype that best expresses your brand personality and message. Here are the  main logo styles popular in the automotive and car industry:

Emblem Logo

Emblem LogoEmblem Logo

Emblem logos combine text and icons. The most important part is that the design is encapsulated within  a border, frame, or badge. Brands with such logo styles signify authenticity.

Examples of emblem logos in automotive and car industry

Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, and BMW are excellent examples of emblem logos.

Abstract Logo

Abstract LogoAbstract Logo

Abstract logos are called so because they do not represent one particular idea but layers of meanings.   Instead, this logo style gives a conceptual meaning to your business. Furthermore, abstract logos are  unique and full of creativity.

Examples of abstract logos in the automotive and car industry

Audi, Mazda, and Subaru logos are great examples of abstract logos.

Geometric Logo

Geometric LogoGeometric Logo

As the name implies, geometric logo styles have triangles, circles, and square elements.

These shapes look visually balanced and structured. Automotive brands looking to convey order and precision often use geometric logos.

Examples of geometric logos in the automotive and car industry

The logos of automobile companies such as Volkswagen, Ford, and Mitsubishi are ideal examples of  geometric logos.

Minimalist Logo

Minimalist LogoMinimalist Logo

Minimalist logos are simple designs with only a few elements. They usually have just one color and font or are simply images. These clean logos look uncluttered, which makes them memorable.

Examples of minimalist logos in the automotive and car industry

Global automobile brands such as Toyota, Hyundai, and Nissan are great examples of minimalist logo styles.

3D Logo

3D Logo3D Logo

3D logos look unique because they incorporate a third dimension or depth. Viewers find such designs unique and modern, giving brands a modern identity. Mostly, the brands that want to project innovation as their unique feature prefer having 3D logos.

Examples of 3D logos in automotive and car industry

Automobile companies such as Chevrolet, Dodge, and Tesla have their logos designed in 3D style.

Tips to design logos for the automotive industry

After you know why automobile and car logo matters to your business, find out how to design a logo that becomes your brand identity. Here are some basic but key tips:

Consider designing a simple logo

A simple logo design is the first essential condition that your automobile and car brand should consider. Simplicity is about keeping the elements to one or two colors and fonts. Otherwise, too many colors, fonts, and symbols will make the automotive logo design cluttered. Such logos create confusion and fail to impress viewers.

Besides one or two colors and fonts in a logo, ensure that the logo shape also is simple. Convey your brand message and personality without incorporating too many elements in a smaller space. Take ideas and inspiration from iconic automotive logos like Porsche, Skoda, and many others.

Make a statement using the right color palette

Colors express our emotions but graphic designers use colors to reflect a brand’s core messaging. For instance, Ferrari has red as its prominent logo color to express the brand’s passion, energy, and speed. The blue in Ford’s automotive logo evokes trust and reliability. Similarly, the Mercedes-Benz logo in black exudes luxury and sophistication.

The automotive industry prefers using some particular colors in logos and visuals elsewhere. If you intend to design a logo for this industry, use bold blue, radiant red, sleek silver, elegant black, and clean white.

Color Combinations to explore for automotive logos

  • Red and Yellow: Red and yellow evoke youthful energy and excitement.
  • Red and Black: Red and black stands for power and sophistication.
  • Blue and Silver: The combination of blue and silver evokes modernity and trust.
  • Blue and White: Combine blue and white in your automobile logo to convey harmony, trust, and simplicity.
  • Silver and Black: A logo with a mix of silver and black will stand for elegance and high quality.

Choose fonts strategically

Fonts are amongst the most visible elements in any design including logos. There is a wide range of typographic styles to choose from when designing a logo. Most automotive and car brands use all-caps letters in their logos. Capital letters express robustness, confidence, authenticity, and market leadership. Also, most logos in the automotive industry have sans-serif fonts. Very few brands like Ferrari and Maserati use serif fonts in their logos.

Your car brand can use primary fonts known for their robust appearance. These font styles include geometric, grotesque, and humanistic. However, there are varieties of font styles that brands in this sector have explored for logos. These styles help brands stand out from their competitors.

Since each car brand has its own history and cultural background, most use robust fonts alongside custom fonts to express craftsmanship and elegance. When you pick a font for your automobile brand, ensure that the font is clean, modern, and legible.

Pick the right industry icons

The right selection of icons is crucial for the automotive and car business. But ensure that the icon is relevant to the type of automobile you sell. The icon should tell your brand story. For instance, the Toyota logo uses an oval-shaped ‘’T’’ icon, representing a vehicle’s steering wheel. Tesla’s stylized ‘T’ logo works as a great icon representing a nod to the cross-section of an electric motor.

So these are the crucial tips you should consider while designing a logo for your automotive business.

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Wrapping Up

The automotive and car industry has many impressive logos. Your new logo in this industry should stand out. Such a logo should be a simple design with a unique but strategic use of colors, fonts, and symbols. Make sure that the logo simply conveys its message with the right elements.

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