What you need to know

  • Phil Spencer, the CEO of Microsoft Gaming, dropped a massive hint about a potential Xbox handheld device.
  • Spencer all but confirmed that a handheld Xbox console is on the way during an interview shortly after the Xbox Games Showcase.
  • When pressed about if the hypothetical device would be for streaming or local gameplay, Spencer emphasized the importance of being able to play games locally.

Rumors of an Xbox handheld have swirled swiftly over the past few months, and we now have the biggest hint ever that one is on the way. Xbox CEO Phil Spencer said “I think we should have a handheld, too” in a recent interview. Spencer only touched on the topic briefly, likely not to steal the limelight from the impressive list of titles shown off at the Xbox Games Showcase and the refreshed Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S lineup.

As its name suggests, the Xbox Games Showcase was about games. The event earned high praise from enthusiasts and those in the industry, including our Managing Editor Jez Corden who said, “Microsoft just made its best-ever pitch for the Xbox ecosystem.” While the showcase was all about games, that didn’t stop Spencer from dropping the biggest hint ever about an Xbox handheld during an interview with IGN.